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Paleo-Ocean Acidification WG

PAGES-NSF Workshop on
Paleo-ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events

Catalina Island, California, August 26-28, 2010


The objectives of this workshop are:
- To gather leading experts on past ocean acidification research from a range of subdisciplines, approaches, and timescales
- To discuss the state of the art and gaps in current collective knowledge
- To initiate a first comprehensive synthesis publication on the topic

Unique contribution

Most recent ocean acidification meetings have focused on the modern ocean but this workshop will focus on the geological record and how it can inform our understanding of the response of modern biotic assemblages to ocean acidification and carbon cycle perturbations.
In addition, the organizers wish to invite researchers not typically associated with paleo-ocean acidification, but with specific expertise in one or more of the focus areas of this workshop, will contribute to the discussions and goals of the workshop.

Scientific themes

The key questions will be discussed under 5 main themes:
1. Physico-chemical changes in the paleo-ocean
2. Biological consequences of ocean acidification
3. Confidence in biogeochemical proxies
4. Suitable time intervals and study locations
5. Future goals of paleo-ocean acidification


The resulting synthesis of what we do and do not know, and recommendations when and where best to focus research efforts will provide a valuable impulse to the geological aspects of NSF’s Ocean Acidification Program. The synthesis report will be published in a peer reviewed journal. Results will also be presented in public lectures and the organizers plan to invite science journalists to cover the event.


This workshop is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and PAGES and is endorsed by the Ocean Acidification Subgroup of the Joint IMBER/SOLAS Carbon Working Group.

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