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Paleo-Ocean Acidification WG

PAGES-NSF Workshop on
Paleo-ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events


Wednesday, August 25

Participants arrive on the 12:30 pm and 2:55 pm Catalina Express

5 pm


6 pm

Thursday, August 26
Morning session
7:30 am


9 am Welcome and intro
Current status of ocean acidification research, Chair: Bärbel Hönisch
9:15 - 10 am

Richard Zeebe: Ocean Acidification: Past, Present, Future
> PDF (1,9 MB)

10:30-11 am coffee break
11-11:30 am

Daniela Schmidt: Ecosystem changes in the paleocean – are they results of carbon perturbation events?
> PDF (3,8 MB)

11:40-11:55 am Andrew Dickson: Faster, better, cheaper? Improving seawater carbonate measurements.
> PDF (1,1 MB)
12 pm Lunch
Afternoon session

Current understanding of paleo-proxies, validation and analysis, Chair: Howie Spero

2-2:30 pm

Gavin Foster: Cenozoic pCO2, comparison of alkenone, boron isotope and B/Ca proxies

2:45-3 pm

Appy Sluijs: Strong CO2 dependency of dinoflagellate carbon isotope fractionation
> PDF (3,6 MB)

3:10-3:25 pm Luc Beaufort: Variability of coccolithophore calcification through time
> PDF (1,9 MB)
3-3:30 pm coffee break
3:30-4 pm Jimin Yu/Harry Elderfield: deep ocean carbonate chemistry proxies
4:15-4:30 pm

Adina Paytan: Past ocean acidification - what can we learn from changes in seawater Ca isotopes
> PDF (1,4 MB)
> PPT (1,4 MB)

4:35-4:50 pm

Justin Ries: Impact of seawater Mg/Ca (calcite-aragonite seas) and CO2-induced ocean acidification on the mineralogy of marine calcifiers throughout Phanerozoic time

5-6 pm Discussions: Answered and open questions on proxy validation
6 pm Dinner

Friday, August 27

7:30 am Breakfast

Morning session

Physico-chemical changes in the paleocean, Chair: Eric Sundquist

9-9:20 am

Lee Kump: Is there an analog for ocean acidification by fossil-fuel burning in deep time?

9:30-9:45 am

Jim Zachos: Current state of evidence for changes in carbonate saturation during the PETM
> PDF (3,6 MB)

9:55-10:10 am Sam Gibbs: Was there surface water ocean acidification at the PETM?
10:30-11 am coffee break
11-11:15 am

Brad Opdyke: The evolution of tropical surface water Saturation State in the Cenozoic

11:20-11:35 am

Birgit Schneider: What is actually driving CaCO3 dissolution in the water column and sediments?

12 pm Lunch
Afternoon session

Physico-chemical changes in the paleocean continued, Chair: Jim Zachos

2-2:15 pm

John Higgins: New views on carbonate compensation in deep time
> PDF (1,2 MB)
> PPT (3,1 MB)

2:25-2:45 pm Carles Pelejero: Coral reefs and ocean pH: Modern pH variability and paleo-reconstructions for the recent past
> PDF (4,7 MB)
> PPT (4,5 MB)
3-3:30 pm coffee break
3:30-5 pm Stand up contributions
Rowan Martindale: Coral constraints on atmospheric CO2 at the T-J Boundary (~200 MA), a potential Ocean Acidification event
> PDF (0,8 MB)
Ryan Moyer: Historical Records of Coral Geochemistry and Calcification and Their Relationship to Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification
> PDF (44,3 MB)
> PPT (32,7 MB)
Phil Sexton: Multiple Eocene ‘hyperthermal’ events driven by ventilation of carbon from the ocean
> PDF (0,9 MB)
> PPT (0,9 MB)
Liz Sikes: Changes in Ocean circulation alter the partioning of CO2 between the atmosphere and ocean
> PDF (0,3 MB)
> PPT (0,5 MB)
Eric Sundquist: Carbonate Buffering Constraints on Paleoocean Alkalinity and pH
> PDF (0,5 MB)
> PPT (3,3 MB)
Patrizia Ziveri: Intermediate and deep water circulation
> PDF (3,8 MB)
Ben Flower: Sediment dissolution episodes in the early to middle Miocene: Evidence for cyclic carbon cycle perturbations in the Neogene?
> PDF (0,2 MB)
Figen Mekik: Tracing deep sea calcite and aragonite dissolution
> PDF (0,8 MB)
> PPT (57,7 MB)
Branwen Williams: Coralline Algae
> PDF (1,0 MB)
> PPT (5,5 MB)
Laura Foster: Measurement by SIMS
> PDF (2,9 MB)
> PPT (4,1 MB)
Helen Bostock: Carbonate Concentrations in the SW Pacific
> PDF (2,2 MB)

and others: Eric Douville, Jonathan Erez, James Rae, Howie Spero, Kathleen Ritterbush, David Anderson, Tom Marchitto, Marcus Badger, Don Penman, Sarah Greene
5-6 pm Discussions: Answered and open questions: suitable time intervals and locations, recommendations
6 pm Dinner

Saturday, August 28

7:30 am Breakfast

Morning session

Biological consequences of ocean acidification, Chair: Dani Schmidt

9-9:30 am Jelle Bijma: Calcification mechanisms in foraminifers, coccoliths, corals
> PDF (10,4 MB)
9:40-10 am

Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez: Molecular progress in response to ocean acidification
> PDF (23,4 MB)
> PPT (20,1 MB)

10:10-10:25 am Juan Carlos Herguera: Modern ocean acidification and oxygen depletion, ecological changes in response to anoxia
10:30-11 am coffee break
11-11:15 am

Leah Schneider: Global nannoplankton response to early Eocene ocean destratification
> PDF (0,5 MB)
> PPT (1,0 MB)

11:20-11:35 am

Marius Müller: Influence of physiology on coccolithophorid calcite chemistry (d26/24Mg and d88/86Sr)
> PDF (0,3 MB)
> PPT (0,3 MB)

12 pm Lunch
2-3 pm Discussion: Answered and open questions: suitable time intervals and locations, recommendations, Chair: Andy Ridgwell
3-3:30 pm coffee break
3:30-6 pm Summary and first draft of the workshop report
6 pm Dinner

Sunday, August 29

7:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am

shore boat to Two Harbors

9:45 am

ferry to San Pedro

11:30 am

bus to San Diego

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